Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ianimate applying I applied at Ianimate, and Jason Ryan replied telling me I'll be a perfect candidate for the semester2..yuppi..I hope I will still post my workflow here...I will do my best..THX

Here's the work I applied with, a very rough work samples...:)


ianimator said...

Hi Rami!
it's me "totoro" from 11 second club.
I will be following your work.

Max said...

I can see that you like Jason Ryan's tutorials, so I think you will have alot of fun on his "classes".

I'm also in sem 2 and since we live in almost the same timezone I guess that we will be in the same group.

It would be cool to talk with you on msn before we start. :)

Add me if you want.

And have fun animating. :D

youssef El aakouchi / يوسف العكوشي said...

imressive work bro i like All your stuff i want to see more uploading animation
keep up the good work